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there's four directions on the map

but you're only going one way

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New Year's Resolution
I'm not saying this is my only resolution, but it's the fannish one so it's the one where I'm telling my flist that you are encouraged to pressure me cheer me on if I lag past this Spring. There are so many fandom-related pics I want to embed in my DW and my LJ, and I just haven't and haven't and haven't. Intention : embed the pics before MJ (before third weekend of March).

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I always end up making my resolutions in around February or March hahah... preparing my brain for spring cleaning I guess.

So your resolution is to make resolutions closer to springtime, eh?

every year i think "who cares about resolutions, you should try to do better all the itme and make new ones all year long"

then i end up thinking up a bunch of them at one point anyway. my birthday's at the end of february so maybe that has something to do with it

(Deleted comment)
Ok, I quit making resolutions long ago because something always happens to break my attempts.

Dief!!! :D :D:D

Ok, I'll try to finish more of my craft projects and get that insurance after January...

All the Dief, all the time!

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