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there's four directions on the map

but you're only going one way

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Muskrat Jamboree \o/
Muskrat Crossing
My hotel reservation and travel arrangements are now made! I can haz muskrats for sure!

I'll be arriving the Wednesday night before MJ. If any of my flisties are muskratting and will be there as early as Wednesday night or Thursday, LMK.

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I will be around.

I was also thinking it might be fun to organize a Sunday post-con brunch for people who have a little time to kill before their plane/train/whatever.

Alas for early Sunday departures -- I would help you organize Sunday brunch except that my train for Chicago leaves the Boston station at 11:00 AM Sunday. Some fen also organized a Sunday brunch for the previous MJ and I remember regretting missing that too. If my schedule allows, maybe next time I'll stay 'til Monday and help with Sunday socializing plans.

Let's make some Wednesday-Thursday plans. (My train arrives in Boston at 9:00 PM on Wednesday.)

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I know about Con.txt but haven't gone to it (yet). My "usuals" are MJ and BP. How much would you say Con.txt is or is not similar to those?

(Deleted comment)
Ah. That's a helpful description. I'd like to go, but it won't be this time. I'll be in Canada during the same month that Con.txt happens.

(BTW, I've been to BP twice, and now this will be my second MJ.)

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