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there's four directions on the map

but you're only going one way

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my next tattoo
RCW 139
Getting more ink today! Another dS-related tattoo! (All my ink is dS-related.) This one will be a riff on the RCW 139 Con design (see userpic).

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Oh, cheering from a friend-in-ink! *gives YOUR ink an admiring look*

Oh you already got it? Must be really amazing! *-*

EEEEEEE!!! Your new userpic is adorable! The expressions on their faces! Oh boys! (And this so much makes me think of that first moment they met each other -- I mean, there's Ray already HUGGING Fraser, and there's Fraser looking STUNNED....)

Now about my tattoo, my tattooist had to reschedule, so now I'm not getting my ink until June 15th....

Ah thanks, I made this userpic and I really like how it turned out, however the quality of the pic is not the best. Yaaay, I like their faces too at the first meeting, one of my fav dS moments!!! *-*

Ah sorry about your tattoo, I know you was so excited about it!

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