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dS other fandoms jealous


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epic fail of LJ notifications
dS other fandoms jealous
Dear flisties :

Every one of my checked boxes for deliver notification to email and deliver notification to LJ inbox has become mysteriously unchecked, and when I try to recheck them the screen freezes and I get a message that says "livejournal cannot respond due to a long-running script". Please be patient if you have commented to me and I haven't responded : I am not being notified of your comments...and I probably won't be notified if you respond to this one either.

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Do you use Firefox as a browser? I used to have a similar issue with Live Journal pages that just continually wouldn't load because of a running script error.

I installed Greasemonkey as an extension and it stopped.


If the issue is not in Firefox, I'm not sure what to say other than that sucks.

Still not getting comment notifications and still not able to reinstate delivery requests. To find out if I have comments (like seeing your comment here), I have to go to my personal journal page and look at each individual posting to see if there are comments.

I don't have Firefox, but am wondering if I should switch to Firefox and try that Greasemonkey you suggested (I am daunted, though, by what I've read about having to write one's own script to get Greasemonkey working).

NB : if you comment back here or PM, I might miss it for a while -- if you email I will see it fairly promptly.

Yeah, the LJ domoviye are really burning the midnight oil of late. I've had issues where somebody tried to comment on one of my entries and not only did I not get notified, but their comments were being mysteriously blocked from posting. Sounds like the next worst thing to one of those good old DDoS attacks. (Are you listening, LJ?)

Some head-kicking may ensue. (And I <3 your icon.)

NB : I'm still not getting notifications, so if you comment back here or PM, I might miss it for a while -- if you email I will see it fairly promptly.

Hope the issue is resolved now and that you get a notice of this post.

TYK for helping me check.

Bless Mozilla Firefox -- when I changed my browser to Firefox I was able to make the corrections.

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