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dS other fandoms jealous


there's four directions on the map

but you're only going one way

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To All My due South Flisties : Happy 11th of March!
CotW Faces

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The Eleventh of March! \o/ ♥! ^_^ Loved that, thanks for sharing because I had totally forgotten :D

(Deleted comment)

(Haven't messaged each other in a while. How izz u?)

(Deleted comment)
Hope your "busy" is the good kind -- mine is. Major change in how work is being handled on my job due to the public library computer system changing all over Illinois, major landscaping project at home, and leaving for Muskrat Jamboree in a few days.

(Deleted comment)
Hope your kidlet continues to be on the mend.

And yeah, dS fandom's icons FTW!

Happy 11th of March to you too! Thanks for the video link too. I see from another comment you're going to Muskrat Jamboree... lucky you :) Have fun!

This will be my third Muskrat Jamboree (and sadly, this is the last one).

Late to the party as usual. But, celebration is Due this auspicious day: MARCH THE ELEVENTH!!!!!

*sobs a la Turnbull*

*pats your shoulder in a comradely fashion as you sob*

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