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dS other fandoms jealous


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tumblr woes
dS other fandoms jealous
I'm wondering if any of y'all have had a problem with tumblr crashing your system? The first time I went on tumblr after MJ, my computer froze and I lost my Internet access and I had warnings come up about virus protection and firewalls. I took my computer to the computer repair place and they said it's going to cost about $300 to get my computer all okay again and also that I've lost all my favorites listings in the process. /o\

Well, at least this shows me an upside to having lost the VVC auction to killabeez in the last two minutes of the auction -- I have the money to pay for fixing this computer mess.

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Wow, no I've never had any problems with it. I wonder why that happened.

I'm so sorry.

One of the mysteries of cyberspace.

We'll, TYK for the sympathy.

I haven't had any problems like that exactly, but I also have a mac so the virus stuff is a bit different... However the videos and audio almost never load for me if they're actually hosted on Tumblr (if they're hosted on Youtube or something and just linked to by Tumblr then it's fine). But Tumblr has a lot of problems overall, and even though people keep saying it's really active in a fandom sense, in my experience almost all the "fans" there for my various fandoms aren't actually making fanworks and usually can't even be contacted out of Tumblr ("I don't have Skype, I don't use Email or LJ, I only want to talk on Tumblr") so it's not really worth all the trouble...

Plus they even have problems where you can't view full-size images (when you click on an image it re-sizes it) and their messaging system is broken and eats messages all the time, and you can't save sent messages... arg!

So don't worry about it, it's better to not even go there in the first place LOL! I only joined because I was really desperate to find other fans for a certain series and I had been told they were all on Tumblr, but in reality the only fans I managed to get into contact with through that site that actually made fanworks were purely doing stuff like mpreg where they were taking random commercials and replacing the actors with their favourite characters and not even changing the script to make it more IC... Even if I find a big themed blog where it's all about this one series or character they're still never making any fanworks and so I can't talk to them properly!! It's really frustrating. Maybe I just have bad luck, but it's happened soooo often now...

I put off going into tumblr for a long time FRTDNEATJ, but my situation is different from yours in that every single fan with whom I connect on tumblr is a due South fan who is actively creating fanworks and who has an LJ presence -- also several of them are fen I see IRL at the fancons I regularly attend, and some of them also email with me.

Haha, d-don't try to get into any other fandoms on there, then ;_;

I was just going to say "it'd be nice if people used normal blogs that everyone can access, and then something like Blogroll where you can see blogs on your dashboard" and then I realized I was describing LJ. I guess it would be good if there was something like Twitter that had a longer wordcount possibility...... maybe that's a description of Facebook??

Ah, that's right. The main problem I have with people's Tumblrs is that their layouts are broken somehow so either the layout itself doesn't work in general (ex. text/images overlapping each other because they only use bigger screen sizes than me), or as soon as I enlarge the text everything breaks. It's really annoying!

(Deleted comment)
TYK for the sympathy. It's now looking like coincidence of the unrelated kind that I had clicked on the tumblr link when the virus-or-malware hit.

I have a problem with Tumblr crashing my brain...

Wow. I've had Tumblr freeze up, but never anything like that. Man, what a drag.

TYK for the sympathy. It's now looking like coincidence of the unrelated kind that I had clicked on the tumblr link when the virus-or-malware hit.

I've not had any issues with Tumblr as long as I use my laptop and not the PC. The PC is just too slow to load all the graphics.

I haven't gotten a virus yet, and hope I don't.

Sorry you're having computer issues. That really sucks.

TYK for the sympathy. I was using my laptop and not my PC, but now looking like coincidence of the unrelated kind that I had clicked on the tumblr link when the virus-or-malware hit.

Hmmm, sounds like a virus or malware problem. Was your antivirus software up to date? It's possible that you picked up the bug from some content on Tumblr, but it's probably not the site per se that did a number on your system. Basically, if the tech guys are taking $300 from you to fix your computer, they should tell you EXACTLY what happened to your system - insist on it. That way you can know what to do if it happens again or know what to avoid clicking on ;)

It's now looking like coincidence of the unrelated kind that I had clicked on the tumblr link when the virus-or-malware hit -- that's just where I happened to be when my antivirus software and my firewall went to "needs an update"...and then I couldn't DO the updates BECAUSE of the virus-or-malware. The $300 is encompassing saving all my files, "cleaning" my laptop all the way back to its pristine just-purchased state, reinstating all my files, and having new antivirus software and malware installed.

Alas, because I was in Internet Explorer when I bookmarked favorites, my bookmarked favorites are all now lost (links to dSC6D fic I wanted to read and vids I wanted to watch, and titles not saved elsewhere, woe). Going to change to Firefox or Google Chrome, but don't know yet which is better for me.

I'm a Chrome girl all the way, but I have friends who swear by Firefox. A few years back I had tremendously bad luck with Firefox and I found it annoying to use, but Chrome has some creepy privacy settings that you need to investigate before you commit to it. Google can get shifty on you... But it's nice that I can access my bookmarks anywhere I log into Google. No worries about losing anything if I have to do a factory reset at some point.

There's some pretty common malware out there that gets embedded into images and video links and it'll pounce on you and feed you all of these "update your antivirus now!" messages which then direct you to an official looking 'website' that proceeds to tunnel into your laptop fishing for passwords etc. It's just crazy what hackers call 'fun' these days. Ask your tech guys what level of antivirus/spam/malware they recommend and invest in it - money well spent ;)

TYK for all this helpfulness! I'm getting some books about Chrome and some books about Firefox from my library, but your enthusiasm for Chrome is pointing me that way...plus the thing about not losing bookmarks during a reset is a huge incentive (alas, my laptop browser was set to IE and I lost all my years of bookmarked fannish faves).

And a big oh noes for what you've told me about that "update your antivirus now" message. That did come up after my laptop froze and I clicked on it -- it looked so authentic. There was an "update antivirus" message and a "firewall" message. Gah. I wonder if that means I need to change my passwords.

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