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dS other fandoms jealous


there's four directions on the map

but you're only going one way

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I try to be all squee and no rant...BUT....
dS other fandoms jealous
I try to be all squee and no rant in my LJ and DW, but after months of this inability to post C6DVD pics -- yes, that's right, pics from Valentine's Day 2015 -- I'm going to have a moment's rant.

There's a C6DVD creation of mine that I want to post to AO3 and there's a card from Turnbull to Fraser that turned up on my desk at work about which I want to blog in my LJ and DW...but I have been unable to get the pics off my smartphone no matter how many icons I click or how many resets I try.

Today I took my phone to my service provider's headquarters, and they told me the way for me to access the pics is to buy a new phone and take the memory card out of my current phone and put it in the new phone.

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Heh heh. Perfect expressions are perfect.

(Deleted comment)
Interesting....but I wonder if there are other ways to read the card other than buying a new phone...like some kind of card reader.

Yep, I'm looking into that card reader option now that I know about it. (My epic tech ignorance let me show you it.)

Ugh, technology is wonderful... until it isn't :P Good luck, I hope the card reader works. *crosses fingers and toes*

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