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there's four directions on the map

but you're only going one way

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due South comment on Man From U.N.C.L.E. movie
RayV farewell phone call
due South fen: did anybody besides me notice that when Napoleon Solo takes out that bottle of wine from the picnic basket the label on the bottle says "Vecchio"?

And TYK to verushka70 for the movie tickets!

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(Deleted comment)
Oh due South....it's inescapable presence (and I don't want to escape).

Oh, the ubiquitousness of dS-related appearances!

Ooh, that's cool. I completely missed it!

Heh, heh...grabbed me immediately when I saw that.

"Vecchio" means "old" in Italian -- so I didn't notice it, but I'm not particularly surprised, either...

Yeah, not a strange thing to see on a bottle of Italian wine...but, ya know, it could have been something else Italian that didn't resonate with dS...and yet, there it was!

YES I DID TOTALLY NOTICE THAT. Great movie; I really enjoyed it :)

[also, there's a Conservative candidate running in my parents' riding in Canada whose last name is Vecchio. I may or may not have snapped a picture of her sign...]

Ha...I think there could be a dS -plus-RL-politics crossover about that Vecchio candidate in your parents' riding. (RayV moves to Canada, and then some of the other Vecchio family members do too? Could be something to write for the upcoming Ray Vecchio Birthday Challenge.)

Behold: reason #896580 why I love this fandom :)

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