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there's four directions on the map

but you're only going one way

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Today is More Joy Day 2016
RayK hugs Fraser
Here's what I did today for More Joy Day: I have a very hardworking and very underappreciated co-worker, who is also simply a lovely person, and I know that this co-worker has a thing about giraffes. I bought her a pair of giraffe earrings and put them on her desk with an unsigned note just saying "You are a source of joy! Be joyful!"

To post on DW what you've done for More Joy Day, click here.

To post on LJ what you've done for More Joy Day, click here.

Also, comment right here in my journal if you want to do so.

\o/ \o/

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Thank you for sharing your More Joy Day thing! I love More Joy Day, and it's always lovely to hear about what everyone's done!

(Deleted comment)
And More Joy wishes to YOU too!

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