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Toronto, Canada 550-voice tribute in memory of David Bowie
dS other fandoms jealous
*watches, listens, cries*

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Thank you for the link - my chorus is working on a tribute, but we've nothing near 550 voices!

Will your chorus be putting that tribute up on the Net?

Also, I didn't even know that you're in a chorus. Tell me more.

I doubt it - we're pretty low-key and low-tech. We just have a few live performances a season.

Here's more about my chorus! It's a small community chorus, with 30-50 members depending on the season and the day. I've been singing tenor with them off and on for about 6 years. We sing all types of music, from traditional songs of different countries, to rock and blues. We are open to all, and have members ranging from ages 14 to 85. No auditions, no requirement that you can sight read, just the desire to sing with others and make a joyful noise. Our director is fantastic, and writes or arranges about half of our songs. She's also the mother of one of my current students.

I'll probably be taking most of this season off, actually. I've just started taking weekly testosterone injections, and having my voice cracking all the way through a set wouldn't be much fun for anyone involved.

Hmmm...your choir could be low-key and low-tech and still share some of your music on YouTube (if encouraged, I will give an example of a low-key and low-tech choir effort on YouTube that I really like).

After you finish the testosterone course, will that have changed your vocal range for choir?

T will definitely affect my vocal range, and I'll have to re-learn some of my vocal control patterns. No way of knowing if I'll end up with a lower tenor, baritone, or bass range.

I'm a bit anxious about it, but also excited. I'll keep you updated!

\o/ (If you're excited, I'm excited.)

Do keep me updated!

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