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there's four directions on the map

but you're only going one way

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Bitchin' Party
Squee Kitten
I'm on day two of my three-day train travel from Chicago to Seattle to attend Bitchin' Party.

Looking out my window a few minutes ago I saw a llama farm. *sings the Llama Llama Song*

In conclusion, Ray: Bitchin' Party! Squee!

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That sounds like so much fun! I've never traveled by train like that.

My fave way to travel! So much more relaxing and sociable and scenic than other modes of travel -- good food and drink too.

How fantastic.

I've always loved to travel by train but they hardly ever run where I want to go in the US.

Where is it you want to go? As for me, the trains go to all the fancons I want to attend in the U.S. and Canada.

It helps a lot if you live in Chicago. :D

Love train travel. Bitchin' parties are pretty good too!

Such a beautiful train ride...went through Glacier National Park right before and during sunset.

And Bitchin' Party is the fancon of my heart! <3

I haven't done much train travel myself. It's so expensive here. I did once take a train from London to York and then up to Edinburgh though. That was awesome. I really want to take the one from Toronto to Vancouver too, but I'd need way more vacation time than I have. Checked it out to go to NYC once too, but 1.5 hour flight is just so much more convenient.

I've only ever done one con (Toronto's fan expo) but it was super fun! Have a great time!

Yeah, I want to do that Vancouver-Toronto train trip too.

And LMK if you are interested in possible Toronto December 2016 informal fannish meetup.

A Toronto informal fannish meet-up is definitely possible. :D

What's a bitchin' party? Other than a very bad situation that the Supernatural guys run into that results in one of them being changed into an omega. Lol

Edited at 2016-04-01 04:14 am (UTC)

LOL your SPN reference, but no...Bitchin' Party is an every-other-year slash-friendly fancon held near Seattle, WA that started out heavily dSC6D and has become increasingly multifandom.

Maybe I should move out there to be near my sister after all! So… Has anyone written about Ray K getting bitched? Any Alpha Beta Omega stories?

Yes, there are, but I might not get links to you during the con. If you remind me in a few days, I'll send you some due South A/B/O links.

Day 3 (final day) of the con. Partying, yes! Also great panel discussions on many topics of fannish interest.

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