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dS other fandoms jealous


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Happy National Canadian Film Day -- April 20
dS other fandoms jealous
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You are encouraged to comment: if you see a Canadian film between now and Paul Gross's birthday (which is April 30), post a review here in celebration!

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HAPPY NATIONAL CANADIAN FILM DAY! What an excellent idea! I'll definitely try & do that! :D

And me heading to England. Sigh...

Well...you could bring a DVD to watch on the plane or in your hotel room....*g*

I ended up watching the MFU movie on the plane - it was great! I love it as much as the first four or five times I saw it. :D

How did I not know this? Lol. I'm a bad Canadian former film student.

Ha! Well, now that you know: how about posting something here from your academic Canadian cinematic perspective?

Well, I can tell you this. I am ashamed of most of our media content. Not nearly enough money is put into the arts here, which is why most people can tell when something is Canadian. It looks cheap, written horribly and often the acting is bad, even when the actors themselves are actually talented. Then, when we do put money into a movie or tv show, they often hide that it's in Canada so it can be sold abroad (mostly to the U.S.). This is all made possible by the CRTC, which is supposed to support Canadian content, but really just gives money to any piece of shit anyone wants to make. Shitty Lifetime TV movies? All shot here. So we get American funding, but can air it on TV here as Canadian content. It's crap.

That being said, there are some fantastic Canadian films. I highly recommend The Sweet Hereafter and My Life Without Me. Basically, anything with Sarah Polley (whether acting or directing) is bound to be good. The F Word was also quite good. If you're more a horror fan Black Christmas and Prom Night are total classics. If comedy is more your speed (and you can find it. God, if anyone finds it, please let me know!) Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy did not get a fair shake and is totally worth a watch.

I'm hoping to watch a proper Canadian film this weekend at work and write up a proper review. Hopefully I can find something worthwhile as I really don't want to voice my opinion on My Daughter Must Live (because it was terrible lol!)

I have two copies of Brain Candy. I'll send one to you if you PM me your mailing address. (I used to call that a "shipping" address before I came into fandom, but now...shipping...heh heh.)

And tonight, being Paul Gross's birthday, I'm watching one of his films -- his newest one, Hyena Road.

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OMG really??? Can I assume DVD? Although I still own a VCR, I don't currently don't have a way to hook it up. Lol

Yep, it's a DVD. (I do still have some stuff on VHS and I do still have a VHS player, but by the time I got into KitH I was already into the DVD era.)

Kids in the Hall are the best thing we've produced imho. I'm glad it was picked up in the states at all. Now, it should just be made available digitally. Why it's not available on Netflix here is beyond me.

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