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dS other fandoms jealous


there's four directions on the map

but you're only going one way

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kuwdora made this gorgeous due South Fraser/Kowalski vid for meeeeee
dS other fandoms jealous
kuwdora made this gorgeous due South Fraser/Kowalski vid for me:

And click here for her post where you can get downloading and streaming directions.

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Lovely...gosh, I haven't watched the show in so long, I think I need a refresher! I love them sledding down the big hill.. 😢❄️☃

due South wants you to come back! *g*

You know, I used to read DS stories every night as bedtime reading. I'd go to other shows' fanfic for porny stuff, by there is something comforting about reading due South. :)

Yes, dS fic is also my nightly bedtime reading -- some porn and some not. (You don't read the porn in dS?)

Oh yes, I do read the porn! But it seems their relationship, in all its various forms, is the thing I'm attracted to. What I find interesting is that these two men, Fraser and Ray K, are pretty much on equal footing. Often one of the men is stronger than the other, but in the end they seem on par with each other. In NCIS, particularly in Gibbs and Tony's relationships, Gibbs is always so much stronger. I know I am generalizing here, but it is good to read Duesouth because the dynamic is so different.

That's an interesting way to compare the different pairings and their usual dynamics. (Hey, do you still have that plotbunny hopping around for you writing an NCIS dS crossover?)

Great vid. Thanks for the link to her journal.

What a great vid! Lucky, lucky you :D

Yeah, I made it known that I'd ♡ for that song to be F\K vid, and kuwdora made it happen!

Oh, that song is PERFECT for them! I love it. Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift with us!

Sharing the dS love, sharing the F/K love -- it's a pleasure!

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