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questions to Hamilton theatre-goers on my flist
I Heart My Flist
Sooooo...I signed up to get access to advance ticket sales for when Hamilton comes to the Chicago Theatre. I got the notice today. First of all it said this thing I had not seen before, and I am wondering if it's specifically a Hamilthing or if it's now common in a realm of ticket sales that I simply haven't accessed before; it says: "We are a resale marketplace, not the ticket seller. Prices are set by third-party sellers." Secondly, I was of course expecting that tickets would be in the hundreds of dollars, but I wasn't expecting that per-ticket prices would start at over half-a-thousand and go up over two thousand. Wow, that's a more dedicated theatre-goer than I who is paying over two thousand. Did any of y'all pay less than $550 per ticket?

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Wow, I'd heard the tickets were expensive, but that doesn't sound right. Are you sure this is a legit seller?

Possibly legit season ticket holders "looking to make a killing" by reselling their tickets....

(BTW, very cool icon you've got there. Did you make that one?)

Sounds like some sort of institutionalized scalper situation... :(

That has become my suspicion...along the lines of season ticket holders "looking to make a killing" on the resale.

Run away! The theatre itself will sell tickets closer to the time at much more reasonable prices. You just have to keep an eye on the official website.

TYK for the good advice!

(BTW, I thought your fic Orion Dying was posted in at least two places, but when I went looking for it just now I couldn't find it. Current link please?)

That's totally insane. I have dealt with theatres all over the world and never seen a ticket price that high for a musical. Two thousand per ticket is insane. Unless it's for a charity or something, ticket prices are usually between $75 to $95 for a 'regular' show. Hell, even in the West End, they are that high.

Would you do me a favor and send me a link to that site? I'd like to investigate further. Thanks!

The two-thousands have disappeared (could they actually all have been bought up already?) and currently it goes from $476 each to $1185 each. I'm PM'ing you the link.

That's still insane. I will give it a look at. Probably can't do a thing, but I have to check this out.

Resellers for shows like this are becoming more and more common. It's some sort of legalized ticket scalping and I think it's horrible. References to outside ticket vendors were mentioned on the Richard Rogers site when I got my Hamilton tickets so I know they're A Thing. We didn't pay nearly that for our tickets, but we bought ours from the theater website pretty much immediately after the album dropped and before it became such a sensation.

Regarding the advice to wait for the theater to offer more reasonably-priced tickets closer to the date, I'd contact the theater to make sure. It could be that the tickets are, indeed, already sold out and that's how people are able to ask such outrageous prices.

The situation in Chicago seems to be that it's so "early" on the tickets only season ticket holders have access to them at this point...and they are the ones trying to get thousands of dollars for selling them.

Edited at 2016-05-25 04:47 pm (UTC)

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