dS other fandoms jealous


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dS other fandoms jealous
I found fandom in the summer of 2011 and I found LJ on this day in 2011. Happy Fanniversary and LJversary to me!

Also, I haven't gotten any fic written in months, and tonight I Wrote A Thing for the new ds6d_fanworks comm!

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Happy fanniversary! :)

Happy anniversaries to you!

Here's to many more!

Happy Anniversary! ::tosses confetti::

TYK! *dances in the swirling confetti*

Yay! Congrats of the fanniversary!

Happy Fanniversary! I wish I knew mine. I'm impressed!

TYK! (I even know what happened in 2009 and what happened in 2010 that led to my finding fandom in 2011.)

I can narrow it down a bit. My friend got me interested in the Potter fandom in either late 2003 or early 2004. Just couldn't give a month. I know my journal has existed since 2003, but it wasn't originally mine. It was made for an rp back when you still needed a private invite to get a journal at all and after the game died, she gave me the journal for personal use.

Interesting bit of LJ history! I didn't know about the "private invite era".

Oddly, I wasn't aware of it at the time. I was brand new to LJ so I just took the journal and had a go. By 2005, when I started rping heavily, that wasn't a thing anymore.

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