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dS other fandoms jealous


there's four directions on the map

but you're only going one way

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RCMP HQ and the Musical Ride
dS other fandoms jealous
Oh Canada! Tomorrow I leave for a week in Ottawa for a long-dreamed-of long-planned visit to RCMP HQ and to see the Musical Ride and the RCMP Sunset Ceremonies!

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Enjoy yourself and have a very safe trip!

Congrats! Have a great time!

HORSEMEN. :) Also, Ottawa has some good museums, if you're into that sort of thing.

Have a good time!

Heh, yes, here's the rest of the itinerary:

•Byward Market
•Parliament tour
•Surrounding Parliament Hill, parkland and canals
•standard tourist bus ride
•standard tourist boat tour
•Canadian Museum of History
•The "Diefenbunker"
•Gatineau Park
•Chaudiere Falls

Then going up to Prince Edward County for a few days.

Okay, yeah, looks like you're making some solid rounds. :) Have fun!

Oh! Have a great time! If you're looking for a restaurant, let me know. My friend's sister is a chef at a couple places in Ottawa. 👍😃

Oooh, restaurant recs plz!

(I'm currently at Billy Bishop and transfering from my Chicago flight to my Ottawa flight. My fanfriend in Ottawa calls it "Otterwah" LOL.)

Cool! You're just down the street from me! When you take off wave at the big glass building with CORUS written on the side in colourful letters because that's where I am!

Jealous! Despite being only about 6 hours away from my nation's capital, I have never been. Enjoy yourself!!!

My third day of my first time in Ottawa! Yesterday and today, the natural wonders of the rivers and rapids and waterfalls! Tomorrow, RCMP HQ and the Musical Ride!

Talk about jealous: my Ottawa fan-friend just showed me the pics of when she went to the NWT last year, went on the ice roads, went dogsledding, went to Yellowknife and Inuvik and Tuktoyuktak. That-all is next (after Toronto this December) for travel I do for dSC6D fandom!

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