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dS other fandoms jealous


there's four directions on the map

but you're only going one way

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CON.TXT & Southwest Airlines -- oh noes
dS other fandoms jealous
Oh noes! Southwest Airlines, the one on which I'm ticketed to travel Thursday for CON.TXT, experienced a major computer failure throughout their computer system nationwide and has canceled over 1,850 flights -- including the ones out of the airport from which I fly -- since the problem started on Wednesday. Southwest Airlines is encouraging those who have Southwest tickets up to this coming Tuesday to reschedule. This could still affect me on Thursday depending on how much of a jam-up is created by the rescheduling.

I know fen who were affected by this while trying to get home from SoMeCon in Florida this week. My sympathies to all who are now stuck over-long in airports and missing connections.

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One more reason I hate to fly. :(

Yeah, the kind of travel I really love is train travel, but once I started going to several fancons a year instead of just one I could no longer afford the time off from work of train trips that were many days long rather than the hours long instead of days by flying.

Oh, man, I hope it works out okay!!


And your icon...oh, he hurts so pretty!

Oh, he does. He wears a fat lip like nobody's business.

That's one of my fave episodes.

Good lord. What a pain in the ass! Good luck!

TYK for the luck wishes!

(ION: Do you know when your slashorific submission is going to post? Mine is supposed to post tomorrow.)

They gave you a date? They didn't tell me anything. And I didn't get an extension or anything. I've just been checking LJ a few times a day waiting to see if it was posted.

I think I'm a little annoyed.

Oh dear. Please do not be annoyed at the mods. It looks like one submission a day is being posted, and participants are not automatically being told a date. I emailed the mods to tell them that my fic was intended for a crosspost and I asked them if they could post it this weekend so I wouldn't miss my other deadlines.

When I asked you if you had a date for yours, I asked in case you were another one like me who for reasons had personally asked the mods.

The slashorific mods are the most accommodating mods! I am fretting about having made you think to be annoyed.

Edited at 2016-07-22 08:25 pm (UTC)

Ahh, okay no. I'm good. Please don't worry. I always wait for an explanation before I'm actually annoyed. I was just mildly concerned. They really seemed too nice and accommodating so I was more confused. All is well.

Yays for "always waits for an explanation" (and I am someone who loves to explain things *g*).

I am sorry for worrying you. It's been awhile since I met knew people online and I forget when people don't know me as well. :D

I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

TYK! The power of good wishes!

fingers crossed that everything will be cleared up by Thursday!

TYK for your part in bringing me luck!

Oh no; how horrible. I hope things work out for you.

TYK for the good thoughts!

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