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Justin Trudeau! And Canada's Panda Cubs!
Fangirl for Canada - Mountie
Before I completely die of the cute, here, have an adorable pic of PM Justin Trudeau with Canada's newly-born panda cubs Jia Panpan (meaning Canadian Hope) and Jia Yueyue (meaning Canadian Joy), and the accompanying New Yorker article: "Canada Fears Photo of Prime Minister with Pandas Could Worsen American Refugee Crisis".

And a related video:

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How cute are those little guys! :D

Heh, all three of them are cute!

Well, yeah, he is a very cute PM. :D

I was at the zoo on Sunday but we didn't realize that you couldn't get into the Panda area after 5 so we missed out. 👎😞

Bummer. Such a near miss!

I know! Thankfully I'm going back mid September. Going to the pandas first that time!

Oooh, I hope you take pics and post them when you've gone back!

I will! Or at least I will take pictures. I always forget to post them later. I still have pictures from when I went to LA last year that are sitting on my camera!

Oh, I know how that goes! I have pics of stuff from the 2014 C6DVD (Canadian Six Degrees Valentine's Day exchange) still sitting on my camera and unposted.

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