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How To Watch The Tragically Hip's August 20th Concert
Fangirl for Canada - Mountie
On Saturday, August 20, at 8:30 p.m. ET the Hip will put a cap on the Man Machine Poem tour with a hometown show at Kingston's Rogers K-Rock Centre, and CBC will be there to broadcast it to the world, commercial-free, across television, radio and digital platforms. Click on link below for all details.

How To Watch The Tragically Hip's August 20th Concert

This will be the last Hip concert, as Gord Downie deals with his worsening glioblastoma.

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I was never more disappointed when I found out the date of the last show/broadcast as I had tickets to see MacBeth, my first time ever getting tickets to a Shakespearean play. I was never more relieved when we got back to the hotel in time for the last encore. Locked in the Trunk of a Car, Gift Shop and Ahead By A Century. Not too bad considering I thought I'd miss the whole thing. Still wish I could've got tickets to one of the Toronto shows though.

Yes, I was waiting to hear from you about whether or not you got to see the show. What a bummer that the concert and the play were at the same time. (But how was that Macbeth peformance?)

The play was incredible! The set was awesome, packing a lot of places to go in different ways in a small space. The actors were spot on, Lady MacBeth was as strong, and crazy as she ought to be, they had some really great sword fighting and I loved how the did Banquo's ghost. That banquet has always been my favourite scene.

Still wish I'd been able to see the entirety of the concert though. At least that last encore was fantastic.

It was so nice of CBC to stream this world wide. Though I guess there weren't that many people up so late at night in Germany to watch it. But I had Sage and a few hockey people to chat about it, so I was not all alone with my emotions.

Though I am just watching the August 12th Toronto show on youtube all by myself, because apparently I like to suffer and cry today.

Not all by yourself. *cries too*

A fan tweeted last week that "Nothing would make me happier than (the Hip) dropping a 'We never said anything about this being the end' bomb in Kingston."

Rob Baker responded: "We've never said anything about it."

I think, hope, and pray that the show's not over yet (and yes, I accidentally typed 'hip' instead of 'hope' just now). I watched the livestream on cbc.ca, and will be posting a review over in hipfans shortly.

The band has already stated that there might yet be future recordings, shows, activity, etc. depending on Gord's health. I'd like to see them do a charity concert or two to raise money for brain cancer research, if nothing else!!

Oh, I had not heard that there might be more recordings and shows after all! (I wonder if I should edit my posting accordingly?)

And TYK for making me aware that there is a hipfans com! I have just now joined it (and commented on your post there).

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