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dS other fandoms jealous


there's four directions on the map

but you're only going one way

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Fic Choices Slash
I'm registered for the Escapade Slashcon for March 10-12 and the ConneXions Slashcon for July 21-23.

I'm also going to the TGIF/F Slashcon (a new femslashcon) for April 7-9, but registration hasn't opened yet.

Is anyone from my flist attending any of these?

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I'm ashamed to admit that I didn't know these existed. If 2017 weren't shaping up to be a travel heavy year for me, I would consider at least one. Maybe sometime though.

When I found fandom I found that a lifetime of not-travelling had been turned into the desire to use all my earned-at-work vacation time for fandom-related travels. Are you travelling for business or pleasure or both in 2017?

I am also going to VividCon -- the multifandom fanvids con -- in 2017; it will be in August but the exact date isn't set yet.

LMK if you want con recs for 2018.

All pleasure these trips. I wish I got paid to travel. That would be awesome.

Some recs would be great, thanks!

So, of course I rec the cons I've already named in this post, but I also want to mention Bitchin' Party, which was the first fancon I ever attended and therefore holds a special place in my heart. It happens every even-numbered year and is held near Seattle, Washington...which makes Vancouver an easy side-trip.

Well, I have always wanted to see Vancouver! I will definitely look into these for 2018. Thanks!

Yes, another one for Escapade!

I wish I could say I was going to the others. I have only heard about ConneXions and with is being back East I'm not the likely to make it anytime soon.

I had not heard of TGIF/F but I'm not really in to femslash. I do little on the side but its not a main thing for me. Though I would probably go is I could swing it money wise because fans are great and slash fans (of any flavor) are awesome!

I will be going to KiSCon in Sept of 2017. It's a Trek only slash con, but as I love slash and Trek so it is a win-win for me.

I only know about TGIF/F because the fan who started it last year is my annual VVC roomie and invited me to this new con. Really I am all about the m/m, and really really all about the m/m in my primary fandom...but I want to support this fanfriend's new endeavor and also exactly what you said, that "fans are great and slash fans of any flavor are awesome".

And I am working on acquiring some femslash OTP's before TGIF/F. Right now it's Buffy/Faith, Zena/Gabrielle, and Root/Shaw.

It's great that you are being so supportive of your friend.

I know that I have sat in femslash panels at conventions before because a) I knew the people running the panels and b) they had some interesting descriptions about the panels. Even though I wasn't interested in the slash part per say, I did have a good time hearing their points of view about both women in general and the characters in specific shows.

Those panels often made me look at the characters and show differently afterwards. It would be interesting to see what paring you have going in and what parings you have after the convention. I often leave a convention with a list of things to read/watch at home.

I notices in the comments you mentioned 'Bitchin Party' and I had only found out about that con after it was over and they said there would be no more. I may have to look into that for 2018 as it is actually something that is close enough for me to travel to (I'm in Oregon) and I'm all about attending and supporting slash conventions.

Here's the specific part of the BP post that mentions BP continuing: http://bitchinparty.livejournal.com/110418.html. As a side note, jarrow of the new BP con comm is also jarrow of TGIF/F.

Where you wrote "It would be interesting to see what pairings you have going in and what pairings you have after the convention," yeah, I am very interested to see what happens with that for me.

And if you do get to these, be sure to look for me and remind me about these convos we're having.

Thanks for the info on BP, I'll keep an eye on that as it gets closer.

I'll be sure to look for you at the upcoming Escapade!

Tip for spotting me at Escapade: I'll be the one whose every tattoo is related to due South.

LOL. Now that is what I call dedication to your fandom!

Soooooo dedicated!

Also, I am "The Keeper of the Sacred Relics" (well, some of them): Fraser's season one boots and two pairs of his shoelaces, Kowalski's shoulder holster, the original RCW 139 license plate, and Fraser's compass...and also a number of cast-and-crew gifts that I got from the due South assistant director.

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