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dS other fandoms jealous


there's four directions on the map

but you're only going one way

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The due South Archive is Being Imported to AO3!
Fraser OTW
The due South Archive is being imported to AO3! Click here for details!

TYK, Organization for Transformative Works!
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It is? Dammit... I hate it when I'm one of the last to know (since it's on my server).

Huh, I thought they were working with you precisely because it is on your server.

Anyways, you are not one of the last to know. I have sent the OTW a yearly reminder about this import ever since the first year I was in fandom, so I have regularly been one of the first to get any update, and I posted this less than five minutes after I got the news.

I'm not really upset about not knowing. I'm really just kind of depressed that Squidge.org is becoming more and more marginalized with the big archives moving away.

As long as the dSA is on your server I will still read fic there because I like the way it looks on your server (and also because of the option for the "random search" function which is fun), but I will use AO3 for bookmarking and for leaving comments because I find those easier to do on AO3.

Great! I haven't read any Due South for ages. I used to read it before I went to bed almost every night.

Yes, the nightly reading! It has been and still is my nightly reading almost every night.

Funny how it's comfort food. One thing I like about the guys is they're usually on equal footing. They have different characteristics yet neither one nor the other is way more powerful than the other.
In NCIS, the Tony/Gibbs dynamic is usually like a weighted scale, with Gibbs the powerful one. I'm generalizing here and there are exceptions, but that's how I picture them as a rule.

I suddenly wonder if you have any thoughts on the dynamic of a Tony/RayK pairig ( in a pre-Fraser/RayK kind of way).

Actually, I picture Tony and Billy Tallent together. I figured out all the background for a story about how they met. Tony and his college frat brothers saw a Hard Core Logo concert. Later both Tony and Billy end up in the ER for different reasons and they go on to encounter each other over the years, when one is up and the other down. Eventually they get into a long term relationship.
I posted their pictures through the years at my LJ, too.

Anyway, to answer your question, Tony would be about 12 years younger than Ray K I think. I can see them getting along, falling for each other. The only thing is that they are both on the sensitive side and cover it up with their own kind of bluster. Would this be about two wounded guys supporting each other? Neither one is, in my mind, the top/strong type, like Gibbs.

"Two wounded guys supporting each other" -- yeah, I could see that (actually, F/K can have some of that dynamic too).

Ah, I was about to ask you for this link but here it already is!

*scampers off to look*

That's great news! There are so many great fics on that archive and it's good to know they won't be lost.

Yes! I've been asking the OTW about this for years -- so happy that it's happening.

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