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dS other fandoms jealous


there's four directions on the map

but you're only going one way

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summer solstice celebration : mehndi
dS other fandoms jealous
I'm wondering if anyone on my flist did anything in particular to celebrate the summer solstice yesterday or today. What I did was have suns and flowering vines and Canadian maple leaves drawn on my palms and the backs of my hands with henna, mehndi-style. *waves prettified hands at flist*

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Well, I was out and about very first thing, in the dawn sunshine, at the bottom of the garden, picked mushrooms, and made a big gooey gravy sauce with them, and sat with my son and his girlfriend eating them with fluffy chips. And I'm still awake now that the sun has gone down, thinking about gravy, and how next time I'll do it with mash.

My son has been writing Doctor Who fanfic, and is considering a dS crossover... just can't figure out which doctor yet.

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And yays for your son writing fic! That's what I call raising a child right!

Oh aye, I must have done something right!!!

I pulled up some weeds that were so big I now wonder if they were sunflowers!

I'd like to see a picture of your henna-ed hands. I tried that once but it didn't work very well. I used a kit with some friends. Photos!! Also of your latest tattoo you mentioned!

I continue to fail at uploading pics to my LJ scrapbook. It goes to "uploading" and then just hangs there for hours. I love to show off my markings, though, and will happily EM pics to you if you PM me with an EM addy where I can send to you. (And this goes for ANYONE on my flist.)

TYK for stopping by and commenting. That smokin' icon, yeah...every time I look at it, I just...GUH....

Your link to those images! *boggles*

Pink vanilla cigarettes and Paul Gross on the same webpage! Must be some crack!fic there somewhere...uh oh, here comes the plot bunny.

Yeah, I think I have close to 90 images tagged "smoking" in my Tumblr so far (eight pages, anyway). And I've got probably a dozen more waiting in the wings for another big collection post.

Mmmm. Smoking.

I love that you celebrated like that! Me... I just danced in the sun a bit. :)

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