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What I did for More Joy Day 2017
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I sent fannish gift packages to due South fen around the world: Hungary, New Zealand, Trinidad, and of course Canada. I bought bakery treats to bring to work for my co-workers, and I told the salesperson at the bakery all about More Joy Day and told her to "keep the change -- that's for More Joy Day". Along with sl_walker I co-created and am co-admin of a new dSC6D and Twin Peaks forum Both Sides of the Border for which we chose More Joy Day as the opening day. I had IRL More Joy Day dinner with verushka70 and we did 10-minute due South snippet word-sprints in honor of More Joy Day. I offered to beta (and the offer was accepted) for a due South writer whose fic has been WIP's for several years and who is now wanting to post again. I connected a fangirl who needed help from an Irish-speaking fangirl for Irish dialogue in her fic with an apropos Irish fangirl. I gifted sdwolfpup with a year of DW Premium account.

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You spread a lot of joy, bb! Good for you ♥ ♥ ♥

TYK, and ♡'s you back.

You totally rocked More Joy Day! Way to go!!

Wow, you had a pretty busy and joy-filled day. I didn't know about More Joy Day, but what a lovely idea!

sdwolfpup gets the credit for having started More Joy Day. You can read about it on Fanlore. (The Fanlore site has not been updated since 2010, but More Joy Day has continued on and on even to the present day.)

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