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Because Canada
Fangirl for Canada - Mountie
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Heh, yeah. I keep looking longingly over at Justin Trudeau and thinking, "Can't we just borrow him for a few days?"

*nods affirmatively* Have you seen that video from PMJT's visit to NYC, where some American guy got down on his knees and begged JT to be President?

I agree! Completely! Not the weather, though.

They do have a few warm spots....*g*

I have a feeling your idea of a warm spot and mine might varied by a few degrees. :P

To quote Bob Fraser in due South: "A little 40 below never hurt anyone...unless they were wearing Bermudas". *g*

No difference. Forty below is the number where Fahrenheit and Celsius correspond with each other.

oh, when I convert 40 C it said it was 104 F... I must have done something wrong.

Ah, there's the rub! I was talking about 40 C, not -40 C. :D

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