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dS other fandoms jealous


there's four directions on the map

but you're only going one way

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dS PWP (Poem With Porn...LOL) posted for slashtheimage challenge
dS other fandoms jealous
Title : Big Boy Blue, Come Blow Your Horn
Author : ride_4ever
Fandom : due South
Pairing : Fraser/Kowalski
Rating : Mature
Word Count : 339
Summary : takes place in the AU of Paper Heart, a due South novella by Tatau, wherein Ray Kowalski’s shirt is stained blue during a knife attack…and it got me thinking  about other blue fluids (and about "Blue Boy Magazine").

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I get so...tickled when I see someone else using this icon. I love it so much!

And here it is again. Yes, I so love it, too! It's my "icon happy place"!

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