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Ursula K. LeGuin -- In Memoriam
RayK sad
I just found out that Ursula K. LeGuin died yesterday. I am feeling sad that she is gone and appreciative for the life she lived.

Here is something she wrote about mortality in The Farthest Shore (Earthsea Cycle #3):

"You will die. You will not live forever. Nor will any man nor any thing. Nothing is immortal. But only to us is it given to know that we must die. And that is a great gift: the gift of selfhood. For we have only what we know we must lose, what we are willing to lose… That selfhood which is our torment, and our treasure, and our humanity, does not endure. It changes, it is gone, a wave on the sea. Would you have the sea grow still and the tides cease, to save one wave, to save yourself?”

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Yes. I feel sad and uplifted at the same time.


It's very poignant indeed <3

I never liked LeGuin as an author, and she had some weird and controversial opinions, but that quote about death is pure beauty. There's no doubt that she had a full and influential life.

Like or not, I found both some of her fiction writing and some of her non-fiction writing to be thought-provoking. And yes, as you say, her life was a full and influential one.

I've never read any of her works, though I've always meant to. I suppose now would be a great time to start...

Any time would be a great time to start. *encourages you*

I'll have to go through her works, try to figure out where to start!

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