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What I Did for More Joy Day
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I commissioned fannish gifts. I commissioned the zine publisher Requiem Publications to make for china_shop and to make for mergatrude personalized custom zine copies of their entire Cruiseliner'verse series.

I made a special dinner. A friend of mine is doing the Whole30 diet for the month of January, and I invited her over for a More Joy Day dinner where I cooked an entire Whole30-compliant meal to give her one day out of the month that she could get such a meal without having to make it for herself. (And as a "bonus joy" after dinner we binge-watched four hours of due South.)

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What wonderful gifts both fannish & non-fannish.

TYK for saying that!

And I consider your Older Not Dead, Love for the Over 40s comm to be a gift to fandom (but I just haven't been writing much fic lately, so you haven't seen me there).

You are very welcome.

Oh, thank you for saying that. I really appreciate it. I hope you are able to get back into writing at some point.

Oh, there is more writing in me. It's the limitations of time and how much time I'm spending on other fannish pursuits plus the demands of RL.

Oh, good.

I know what you mean.

You are an awesome friend :) I haven't eaten pork in TEN YEARS and people still magically "forget" and I'll get served my burger with bacon and immediately lose my appetite. Means a lot when friends respect you enough to remember your dietary concerns <3

I'm currently a flexitarian, but I grew up keeping kosher and then in early adult years I was a vegetarian for about 20 years and eventually went fully vegan for a number of years...and I am very sensitive to people's food preferences, dietary needs, and dietary restrictions.

The people around you appreciate it--TRUST me! My own mother tried to sneak-feed me a meat pie with pork in it a few years back. Thank god my brother caught her and told me--unfortunately it was at the same moment a forkful went into my mouth...and that's the story of how a 29 year old me spat food all over the table like a two-year old lol.

Ugh. Was your mother trying to enforce that everyone at the table eat the same thing or was she being punitive or what ?

(lol perfect icon for that comment!)

And I'll never know for sure (she has a tendency to lie...) but I think it was indeed a punitive move. She tends to dislike things she doesn't understand, and I think that was her way of undermining my beliefs :s

I bring my own food now--everywhere ;)

Heh, icons. Usually within my large collection of due South icons I can find something apropos for my comments. (Diefenbaker here is being hopeful about food choices.)

Awww I love him so much <3 I wanted my own version as a kid--and I still do!!

Well then, here's more Dief love!

You are a scholar and a gentleperson. ♥

TYK for saying that, bb!

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