ride_4ever (or Ride_Forever: seen it both ways) (ride_4ever) wrote,
ride_4ever (or Ride_Forever: seen it both ways)

rising to the challenge of the dS_snippets comm

Written for dS_snippets Challenge 20.

Title : Of Climate and Climax
Fandom : due South
Characters : Benton Fraser, Ray Kowalski, Jack Huey, Thomas Dewey
Pairing : Fraser / Kowalski
Rating : Mature
Word Count : 260
Prompts : Instead of "use any," I did "use ALL"! (trickle, blow, climatic, sheet, and "Tall, blond(e), dark and lean, rough and tough and strong and mean")

AN : Yes, I like it REALLY rough and tough, so I added the additional challenge of writing this fic without using any subordinate clauses (so, those of you who are familiar with my usual sentence structure and find this unfamiliar, now you'll know why).

Summary : Detective Dewey's gay-baiting leads to Fraser and Kowalski being in a closet literally...and about to come out of one metaphorically.

Tags: ds_snippets, due south, my fic
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